Confronted with bugs, people often have very different, mostly ambivalent feelings. Small, coloured and splendid ones deserve our respect and we quite often give them shelter. Some people believe that watching a lightning bug fly means luck for them.
The more hairy and bigger bugs are, the more nauseated people react. So they want to get rid of them. They use chemicals, special traps or vacuum cleaners.
They feel a little bit sorry for these creature when watching them disappear in the vacuum-tube and especially when people hear this noisy sound bugs are making on the long way through the tube into the paper-bag inside the machine. But it’s easy to forget about this action – after 10 seconds people don’t care any more. Sometimes they surprise a bug trying hard to crawl out of the washbasin. No remorse. Hot water flushes the creature back to the sewer.

But even in the night when people are sleeping, dreaming, celebrating parties, watching TV, reading books or whatever – they will hear it.
At the beginning it sounds strange – far away – really strange. This scratching noise is getting louder and louder – maybe the tube amplifies the noise. It becomes more inconvenient. Difficult to describe…so we asked Georg (Cracked):

Bug are no small insect, easily crushed and destroyed. Quite the contrary, Bug are a destroyer-beast. A psychotic, destructive, manic killer-hunk of noise-rock. Think of the best names in the noise-rock-alphabet, from A like Arab On Radar to Z like Zeni Geva, Bug is one big-assed entry in that lexicon. Heavy percussions, distorted guitars, vocals that growl, howl and scream like any beast from the horror-dictionary, and some electronics to boot. If you were born somewhere in the early to mid Seventies, then you experienced the best noise-rock-years during the most important part of your musical-puberty – then you are going to like this a lot. If not, “klotho” might set your record straight…
…we wanted to hear different information so we asked Rik (Ashnote Magazine)

My father came into the room when I first put this on and he said that "klotho" was the best thing he heard coming from my collection so far. Damn. This is heavy shit and my dad likes it! He found Isis boring, but this CD by Bug had enough variation and he liked the fact there are songs on it without too much vocals in it. Actually he's right. This is pretty good. Sludgy noise rock based on a metal layer. The thing that sets it apart from the classic references like Isis or Keelhaul is that Bug is far less polished. Their songs contain the same dark atmosphere as aforementioned bands, but are way more brutal because the harsh and hammering part exist without introducing too much fancy parts. Now, I actually like the fancy parts from Isis, but the last thing I want is to end up with a pile of records from bands that want to sound like Isis. Where Isis can sound haunting, Bug sounds more menacing and disturbing…
…and Mr. Christian (a noisy neighbour) tried to find something comparable (a dangerous huge species from Japan and USA)
… on “klotho” bug celebrates an unbelievable, genious, intense heavy/noise/rock/core somewhere between Zeni Geva, Today is the Day , Unsane …
…Georg summarized… It shouldn’t be left unnoticed that Bug have been around for quite some time, releasing a bunch of great records with other Austrian noise-rock bands such as Turn Out and Sensual Love, that they are from Innsbruck and that they have worked hard and long for alternative music / lifestyle / thinking in the most conservative of all Austrian federal districts. And finally, a few more words about paranoia: “A paranoid is one who knows all the facts” (William Burroughs) and “Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they won’t get you.” (Unknown author).

The fact of the matter is that bug consist of 4 guys:

Dr. A. Tint – 4 strings (he owns only one pair of trousers and knows almost everything about “Dallas”)

Mr. Old – 2 sticks (he has no home so nobody is visting him)

Ing. Dolt – vocal cords (he owns more than 5 trousers and is well known for his excellent poems)

Mr. Hooper – 6 string (he is tall and wears funny cloths – we call him “buffalo-pete”)

The above mentioned quartet exists since 10 years.

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