s. 1. zo. Brit. (Bett-) Wanze f; 2. zo. Am. Allgemein Insekt (Ameise, Spinne, Fliege, Käfer); 3. Ba'zillus m; 4. Am. Sl. De'fekt, mst pl. "Mucken" pl.; 5. "Wanze" (Abhörgerät); II. v/t. sl. 6. Wanzen anbringen in e-m Raum etc. 7. Am. jemanden nerven: what is bugging you? Was hast du denn?

Howdy lovely girls and boys, sexy hustlers and wildcats, loyal brothers and sisters, hard working steelworkers and nurses, decent leathernuns and
highpriests! First I must tell you the sad story: The very famous, charming, suscessfull, poppy young countrywoman finally realized that there is still some
hope and meaning in her live and therefore she decided to let our duet plans going down the toilett. So she is on her way to take China by storm and rocking
the big bad malls in our holy land on the other hand too.
After we cried and suffered permanently for 2 days and 2 lonely nights we decided that live (like always) will go on, which is something beautiful to
celebrate, straight on the 16.09.06 in the one and only café SUB. This leads us directly to the ultra heavy super duper mega good news: There will be some kind
of release party there for our Monsieur Foulland/BUG booklet/CD thing, which means: a heart touching reading of the art, nasty sounds, screamings from the
gutter, blasting beats by some good natured DJ's, tons of beer, a nice young birthday child to celabrate (the poor boy becomes 47) and hopefully you and me
enjoying another night to remember. See you there, enjoy the dark side, stay sick and like always:
BUG knows the demands and needs of the bleeding hearts and will do eveything to satisfy, you know; really fucking everything. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



June 16th 2007 A-VIENNA @ fluc (+ Oxbow)
May 20th 2007 A-GRAZ @ tba
May 19th 2007 BHI-BANJA LUKA @ tba
May 18th 2007 HR-LABIN @ tba
May 17th 2007 HR-SPLIT @ tba
May 16th 2007 HR-KRIZEVCI @ tba
December 1st 2006 A-INNSBRUCK @ pmk (+ Reflector)
November 26th 2006 A-VIENNA @ "noise appeal label night" arena (+ Reflector)
November 25th 2006 A-LINZ @ stadtwerkstatt (+ Reflector)
November 24th 2006 I-BOZEN @ bunker (+ Reflector)
September 16th 2006 A-INNSBRUCK @ sub (presentation and lection of the book "bug - hardcore")

August 18th 2006 A-INNSBRUCK @ weyrerfabrik
June 18th 2006 A-GRAZ @ sonntag abstract (with Reflector, Herbst)
May 27th 2006 A-HALLEIN @ zone11 (with Turn Out)
February 24th 2006 I-BOLZANO @ tbc (with Made Out Of Babies)
December 17th 2005 A-LINZ @ stwst (+ Fuckhead + Porn To Hula)
December 16th 2005 A-VIENNA @ ekh
October 29th 2005 A-INNSBRUCK @ pmk - Interstellar Label Night (+ Moller Plesset + Reflector + Herbst)
June 12th 2005 A-VIENNA @ cabaret renz -ruin festival (+ Pita, Acid Mother Temple...)
June 10th 2005 A-VIENNA @ arena - ekh soli
February 26th 2005 A-VIENNA @ ekh (+ Todesstern)

February 9th 2005 A-INNSBRUCK @ pmk (+ Breather Resist)
October 31st 2004 A-GRAZ @ explosiv (+ Reflector, Silence)
October 30th 2004 A-WOLKERSDORF @ outback

October 29th 2004 A-LINZ @ ann & pat
June 18th 2004 A-HALL IN TIROL @ stromboli (+ Turn Out)

April 20th 2004 A-INNSBRUCK @ workstation (+ Keelhaul)
March 27th 2004 D-PASSAU @ zeughaus (+ Analena)
March 26th 2004 A-LINZ @ stwst - interstellar festival (+ Analena, WCH Band)
February 28th 2004 A-HOHENEMS @ konkret (+ Fresnel, Jane Doe)
February 27th 2004 D-FREIBURG @ kts (+ Fresnel)
February 26th 2004 F-STRASBOURG @ molodoi (+ Fresnel, Nothing To Prove)
February 25th 2004 D-STUTTGART @ obw9 (+ Fresnel)
February 1st 2004 A-VIENNA @ bach (+ Fresnel, Switchblade)

December 20th 2003 CH-BASEL @ hirscheneck
December 19th 2003 CH-ZÜRICH @ ego

May 30th 2003 A-INNSBRUCK @ workstation (+ Zeropot, Tron, Eisat)
May 17th 2003 A-EBERSTALZELL @ ettinga (+ Wunschkinder)
May 16th 2003 A-LINZ @ kapu (+ Fresnel, White Circle Crime Club)

April 20th 2003 SLO-NOVICA GORICA @ tba (+ Sensual Love)
April 19th 2003 HR-SIBENIK @ tba (+ Sensual Love)
April 18th 2003 HR-ZABOK @ tba (+ Sensual Love)
April 17th 2003 HR-OSIJEK @ tba (+ Sensual Love)
February 8th 2003 CH-BASEL @ tbc (+ Against Me)
February 7th 2003 D-FREIBURG @ tbc (+ Against Me)
February 6th 2003 CH-ZUERICH @ club ego

old news:
My sweet children of the night, we, the infamous BUG buam are totally mega fuckin happy to announce that we are (finally) going ART: Monsieur Fou, a friend of Mr. Dint (our beautiful Bass player+ King of nudidity), will modify my sweet and lovely lyrics totally. So we 'll release a kind of book/grafic + a cd with some of our smash hits + some new alternative versions of our smash hits. That 's why we have been to the TRACKER studio in the little Tyrolian village Brixlegg last weekend, hipp, hipp, hurrrrray. The recording session with Max in the basement was fine: The guys played their fingeres sore+ I screamed my lungs out while outside the islamic cells of Brixlegg were partying. We recordes 7 pieces.
Additionally,hopefully, maybe there will be a duett wih a very famous, charming, suscessfull, poppy young countrywoman of us, we'll keep you informed, but don't believe the hype, uuuuaaaahh.
We've rocked Graz with the unbelievable REFLECTOR and sold a million 27/BUG split records. REFLECTOR sold billions of their new, amazing cd (released on INTERSTELLAR and Noise Appeal),too. Go out and buy some.
We are trying f.. ing hard to get some Summer/Autumn shows in the great wild world outside Österreich. If you can help us, please let us know.
Mr . O is jolly happy because there's always an incredible,thrilling soccer game on the telly. Mr. Buffalo Pete lost all his Buffalo hair and is happy because he's now nearly naked on the head. Dr. Tint is happy because he survived a great , dangerous summer open air without using his deadly karate skills in noble self defence. And I'm so totally happy because I've got some new ink scratched on my skin.
Always remember: Although TURNOUT came out second best playing the bandcontest, they'll dominate the world.
Bye, bye, see ya+Please Never, never forget ,
BUG loves you, Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ladies & Gentlemen, Medames et Monsieurs, Senoras e Senorinas, meine Damen und Herren, the BUG buam are very, very, very proud to announce that our next musical “masterpiece” is ready to make you wet your pants. It`s our 5th recording for INTERSTELLAR RECORDS ( the label formerly known as JURRASIC PUNK) and it`s a split record with the allmighty, wonderfull 27.

The recording session was done in Vienna by Johannes Cap in a studio similar the nice, idylic farm in the TEXAS CHAINSAW movie (this is for you, you ugly, nasty, old ones) and we enjoyed it very much there. Once again I think we did a super duper good job and recorded our popiest, rockiest, dirtiest and propably heaviest tunes ever , Cheeeeeerrrz. So I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do, see you soon in some fucked up basement club, hammering live. And always remember: BUG will safe tha world, your soul and and Paris Hiltons pet dog, Sing Halllellujaaaaaaaaaaa.